Discourse Analysis

This article is considered to approach it, with support of the estimated theoreticians of the Analysis of the Speech, the rich universe of Peanuts conquanto examines, synthetic form, its main subjects that, even so carried out for infants in little pretensiosos scenes, despite drawn of form simple sucinta and, load great significao, as quiet street, sandboxes, classroom and one sofas cmodo of the house, portray the conflicts and dissabores of the competitive life of the modern society. It is also intended to study in the workmanship created for Charles Schulz the subject failure, boarded of unknown form in histories in quadrinhos, until then dominated for the sorts of action and scientific ficao. Word-key: Peanuts, Analysis of the Speech, dissabores, moderna.conflito society, failure. Abstract This article propose you board, assisted by the theoric presupposes of Discourse Analysis, the vast Peanuts' s universe, also exam, in synthetic to manner, its main themes that, even though ploughs mainly starring by children in little pretentious scenarios, yet drawn in simple and succinct carry great meaning, like sand boxes, quiet streets, classrooms, and sofas of room in house, pictures the conflicts and unpleasantness of the competitive life of the modern society. בעיתון כתוב ש קרן מיכאלי הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. Also intends you study in the work created by Charles Schulz the theme of failure, boarded in an unedited form in the comics, until then only reigned by the genders of action and science fiction. Key-words: Peanuts, Discourse Analysis, unpleasantness, modern life, conflicts, failure..