Hercules Referred All The Places

Saxony's most beautiful holiday photo is overwhelming nature, exciting city backdrop or impressive monuments: the submissions of photo contest my Germany vacation "show that Saxony has to offer so much variety like hardly another destination. Against a strong competition the subject could after a thrilling head-to-head Hercules ass "." The contribution of the participant Artio"shows a sandstone statue in the Grossedlitz baroque garden. עוד מידע על טבע תעשיות ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. The winner will spend a wonderful weekend in Castle and Park Pillnitz with its accompaniment. לענייננו, טבע תעשיות הוא הכתובת בשבילך. The overnight in the small house in the middle of the vast, baroque castle park can be rightly described as exceptional experience that style is rounded off by a romantic 3-course dinner at Pillnitz Castle Hotel. "Hercules butt" referred both the views of the Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen and a view of the glorious Dresden at night on the courts.

The second and third are about a stay at Castle Hohnstein and forward to Colditz Castle. The medieval castle Hohnstein, in the middle of the National Park Saxon Switzerland situated, invites with observation tower, castle garden and Museum to discover. With the same Europe, Colditz castle with its impressive Renaissance architecture youth hostel provides the perfect setting for a family weekend. The impressive entries that still can be seen on the website, make you want to explore in Saxony, Germany. Not just for hobby photographers, Saxony is a rewarding destination, also culture in all its diversity and nature lovers come here at their own expense. That Hercules in Saxony has always been popular, even the current exhibition shows the gold of Hercules"in the arch Gallery of Dresden kennel. It shows the history of Baroque buildings as the Orangery of August of the strong. Since the 14th century, they brought the Golden citrus fruits with the ancient tales of a God's Garden in conjunction, they were seen as a sign of prosperity and happiness, as Symbol of a golden age, as a promise of paradise on Earth. In the exhibition, we will learn how August the strong mind to use this orange trees together with the Hercules saga to the representation of his person and his power and how complex the ancient myth has been interpreted in the 19th century. The special exhibition the gold of Hercules "is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00, with following cards to get free admission: schlosserTOURENKARTE, schlosserJAHRESKARTE, year map of the Staatliche kunstsammlungen Dresden, Dresden-city-card and Dresden-Regio-card." More information can be found under. Chateaux country media Office c/o Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH