Julian Gick Is From

Julian Gick exhibits the "Venetian Jester" the annual exhibition "Cross-section", which for several years successfully Vonderau Museum of the city of Fulda, instead finds, this year is organized by the Kunstverein Fulda under the theme of "Urbanity". The exhibition runs from 14 2010 to the 14.11.2010. Also Julian Gick will present his long-earned work "The Venetian Jester", which can be admired in a size of 120 cm x 80 cm, in this exhibition. The 1993 born in Fulda and living in Eichenzell young artists won a place after he came through by the adjudication, which ensures the high quality of the exhibition. With the work he shows impressive his fascination with the art and proves his skills in painting. He explains: "It is a great feeling of creative infinity, incredible delusions of freedom, which itself occurs when the idea of a large project with even greater goals." He brings his enthusiasm in the works such as "The puppet" or also "the philosophy of the open Sky"brilliant to the canvas. To Julian Gick art gallery here: juliangick.jimdo.com