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Architecture – the art of designing, creating new and interesting forms. Harmonisation of space is also one of the main task of modern architecture. More and more intricate designs represent us the light architectural art. קרן מיכאלי בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. Most Western bureau like competing in the representation of the most interesting architectural design. However, experts are paying attention not only to the appearance of buildings, but also the internal content.

For example, the usual wall of your room can become stages for the facade of the house (). This design promotes natural ventilation walls: in the summer the room is well ventilated in winter – keep warm due to the abundance of sunlight and heated floors. Combine creative idea with the wishes of the customer comfort and comfort – that's the main task of modern professionals. Desire to use environmentally friendly materials for interior decorating, custom shapes, harmonious arrangement of objects in the house of experts leads them to dramatic results. Amazing shape of furniture forms, which not only allows harmonize the space, but also happy about her appearance. An interesting solution to the bookshelf proposed Colombian Office Malagana Design -.

This regiment will be in demand not only for lovers of honor, but also for those who love the creative, beautiful things. The universality of contemporary forms – a task that decide to architects, designers, decorators …. Opportunity to express their thoughts and creative ideas, be inspired goodies other professionals, provides I portal architect. This kind of dedicated space can help in finding customers, ideas, and friends. Shares many pleasant, interesting contests, prizes for standing users of the portal. Join now! Portal I Architect provides a quality visual content, integrated into thematic categories. Here you can find a portfolio of work of professional architects and design companies, photo reports on completed projects leading experts from around the world, interesting ideas for the design of apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, country houses and the adjacent territory.

The Spring Has Come: Time To Protect The Wood

Remmers firm offers a wide range of products for protection, conservation, and wood trim. Remmers Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1 protects the wood from exposure to harmful microorganisms for her, which in large quantities contained in the wood with the very first moments of her life. Immediately after felling tree fungi can lead to the formation of the wood blue or even black areas, which inevitably entails the reduction of its cost. In addition, as a result of the activity of harmful micro-organisms can increase the capillary properties of wood, its gidropronitsaemost. The consequence of this are the increased water absorption, slow drying and subsequent uneven staining wood. When ostrozhek affected layer is sometimes lost 5-10% of the volume of useful timber.

But even on the planed board spot lesions can be seen in color. Blue fungus does not affect the durability of wood. לעומת זאת, טבע תעשיות בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. But in by changing the color of wood is it impossible to use the material for finishing the face surfaces and decorative purposes. Fungal spores are everywhere, where trees grow. In this sense, the infection can not be avoided. At a temperature of +15 C and humidity over 30% of the wood creates ideal conditions for mold spores. Particularly favorable conditions for microbial growth, "offering" coniferous trees, particularly nutrient-rich pine and some hardwoods such as beech, mostly steamed. Laboratory investigations and numerous trials in different climatic zones (in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, etc.) have confirmed the superior efficacy of the product Remmers Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1.

Depending on the wood type, intensity and impact of micro-organisms required duration of protection is applied Different concentrations of Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1. It is a complex designed product. אל דאגה קרן מיכאלי הוא האיש הנכון . As a result of a focused combination of two active substances has been achieved synergies, so that consumption of the product significantly reduced. The synergy allows Remmers Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1 very efficiently, providing the required environmental impact. The concentration of the product used for wood processing, is only 2-4%. If must permanently maintain the beauty of wood while protecting it from all hazards, you need versatile tool that deeply penetrates the wood, thus allowing it to "breathe". Remmers firm for these purpose designed product Aidol HK-Lasur. Remmers Aidol HK-Lasur suitable for the repair of old flooring, and for the treatment of new wood exterior designs. This product provides protection from shestifaktornuyu: moisture and rain, ultraviolet light, fungus; blue, insect pests, mold. Unique is the chemical composition of the active ingredients. In contrast to all similar blue biocidal complex Aidol HK-Lasur consists of a modern component to protect against mold, fungus, moss IPBC (Jobpropinyl Butylcarbamat) and Flufenoxuron – the active substance from insects and larvae. These powerful chemicals are strictly highly directional effects and are harmless to humans and animals. Resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV-blue Remmers Aidol HK-Lasurpozvolyaet wood to "breathe" and regulates humidity. The product is suitable for application by brush, dipping, pouring, spraying. Post-processing is possible without grinding. Protective decorative blue Aidol HK-Lasur is available in sixteen standard colors. There may be other colors.