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Better economist of financeirCarreira institution – Sergio Ribeiro of the Werlang Coast was elect as better economist of financial institution. The economist is in the Ita Bank has three years and ten months, in the position of executive director of the area of credit and economic consultoria. Werlang, that also is professor of after-graduo in economy of Fundao Getlio Vargas (FGV), already was managing responsible for the subjects of economic policy of the Central banking, managing executive of the Bank 8BM and director of the EPGE/FGV.Acertos in 2005 – the projection who if confirmed was the growth of the economy, that must close the year below of 2,5%. Tax of real interest could not different with one be raised kept by a long time. Without a doubt, this politics propitiated a fall of the tax of inflation, that must close very next to the goal, perhaps 5.6%, and with one exchange sufficiently valued. However, great part of the exchange valuation answers to other factors that not it monetary politics, this it is, the global recovery that comes favoring the raw material use in which Brazil has comparative advantages. Economic projections for 2006 – For 2006, probably the growth very will also not be raised, if kept the gradual fall of the interests current.

The recovery would only start in as the trimester and would be consolidated in as the semester. The exchange, in turn, must answer moderately to the fall of the taxes of interests, however the global recovery will have to continue in 2006 provoking the positive effect in the entrance of important flows of foreign currency in the economy. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל Ilan Ben Dov שמבין יותר ממני. The election will be able to provoke volatileness in the markets, but the shunting line probability in the economic policy is small. Better consulting financeiroCarreira – the managing partner of the PPS Portflio Performance, Everaldo Guedes de Frank Azevedo, was elect optimum financial consultant in 2005.

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