Five Reasons

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory on December 1, 2007, there were 196.4 thousand insured persons entitled to the funded part of labor pensions, which are decided on the order of administration of this part of the pension. The motives of these 13.8% of total future retirees (data side) that may be involved in the fate of their retirement savings, understand, as well as understand the reasons that cause the rest do nothing. Are there concerns and fears, "undecideds" the real reason? There are enough reasons for cautious attitude to the pension reform from the majority of our fellow citizens. Some of them are based on negative experiences of previous generations, others are not rational character. The ratio of the pension reform, and the opportunity to dispose of their pension savings, it would be quite different if we all saw the part of the state not only an attempt to shift part of responsibility on our shoulders, but the first real concern about the current pensioners. Agree, hard to believe promises of a glorious future, watching the dreary present. However, whatever the immediate the results of pension reform miss the opportunity to dispose of its funded part of pension is not the best solution. If we consider the most common objections do not want to transfer the management of their savings in any other structure, except for government, we can conclude that the real reason is actually not so much.

Here they are: 1. My pension will manage non-financial institutions, of which I am very depend in old age. Under the current legislation strictly regulating and controlling the activities of pension funds and asset managers the financial organization violates the conditions of work with pension savings will not last for any considerable time and cause serious damage to save. In addition, the State has a subsidiary responsibility for the liabilities of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to the insured persons.