The Hypocrites From The Orient By Anita Wasmundt

Love fact Roman love with bitter aftertaste – what a Word! Everyone likes different things in a variety of ways. Women differently than men, children differently than adults. Many believe to love the only question is: what is love? In the book of the hypocrites from the Orient"told Anita Wasmundt their story about the crazy, irrational wife, a Moroccan, who actually did not she wanted but the unrestricted residence permit which moved them within striking distance. A failed marriage, constant trouble in the family, the mother is fatally ill, pubertal daughter and a troubled sex life what you needed more to the unhappy and stressed out? Lucia"urged her mother to come also to her guard performance! Anita bored, felt unwell and crept to a gallery to be undisturbed. לעניות דעתי טבע תעשיות יכול לקבוע . But the waiter Simo"not let them easily alone. Quickly he confessed to her his great affection and also settled through shake off the snappy comments and the prompt to not disappear. Through constant compliments and flattery, he conquered finally Anitas heart, purse, apartment, car and work.

Of course, this was only to the licence. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש שלומי בסון צודק במה בהוא אומר. He showed often enough through humiliation, cheating, theft, fraud and lies, that it was not for him, what he swore her Anita. Anita's uphill battle against and at the same time for her family, her marriage and Simo"quickly showed effect due to total exhaustion, gallons of tears, dispute and incredible tall tales that gradually came to the fore. With much willpower, though already long so in the end, anger and an iron will, she repeatedly initiated the way of the divorce. But partly by the lawyer of Simo", partly by Simo" itself, that was a harder and especially longer way than you thought. בעיתון כתוב ש נפתלי בנט הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. Finally divorced, deeply devastated and feeling loswerdend not to be totally alone, Anita learned the next horror. Simo"did for Morocco deported, but again close to her in Germany landed, because he had married again even a supposedly best friend Anita! This emotional book be missing on any Bookshelf! Title: The hypocrites of the morning land author: Anita Wasmundt ISBN: 978-3-939-478-089 price: 16,90 appeared in the Publisher core Lisa Schwalme Publisher core