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I would assume that when Mr Vidal refers to languages with an extraordinary power of communication as it is the Spanish It does not exclude others. As a historian, writer and journalist who is, you will know that all languages have that power. For example, in inuktitut (most incorrectly known as Eskimo) has many more terms than the Spanish to be called snow. Does gives this fact to inuktitut more power of communication? According to a known semiotic theory, for this reason there are no differences in intellectual processes but that cultural experiences are different. To finish I would like to point out some erroneous statements made at the end of his speech on the euskara batua. Do you remember with that objective was founded the Royal Academy of the Spanish language in 1713? It was to fix the voices and words of the Castilian language in its largest property, elegance and purity, which is reflected in the motto cleans, fixes and gives splendor. And without going so far, which is the main task of the current SAR? Therefore neither more nor less than elaborate the Spanish normative rules that ensure a common linguistic standard. The queel sine Vidal qualifies monstrosity is the common linguistic standard Basque.

With some years of delay but also we wanted to clean, fix and give splendor to our language. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של ישראל בכר. This work superbly done Euskaltzaindia or the Royal Academy of the Basque language officially recognized by the HKSAR since 1976 since 1919. In the words of the institution itself sailing by Basque or Basque. Attends the same investigations, guardianship socially and establishes their philological rules of use. It was this body, at the request of certain intellectual sectors, which promoted the unification of the Basque dialects (euskalkiak). Initially, before the Spanish civil war, he took as base the guipuzcoano and later the classic of Lapurdi and not el vizcaino as Cesar Vidal says.

Between the years 1964 and 1968 laying down the first standards for the current unification based on the guipuzcoano-navarro. During the following years is he has continued to work in this process of standardization with acknowledged success. It is true that some sectors of the population, mainly by age or cultural level, have had difficulty in adapting to the standard language but not in greater degree than in the case of the Spanish or another language, if we take the same social parameters. In general, however, this aspect is completely normalized. I hope that these clarifications may contribute to deepen the knowledge of the Basque language.

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