Wiesbaden City Ranking

Casa art holding GmbH: Hessian state capital remains popular as the real estate location Wiesbaden, in February 2010: the Hessian capital Wiesbaden scores with high purchasing power and high level of prosperity, so the conclusion of the INSM-WiWo town rankings. On average, each inhabitant in Wiesbaden has a purchasing power of 21.673 euros. The result is an impressive third place in a nationwide average of 18.756 euros in the new city ranking. The Casa art holding GmbH informs about the current INSM study and the benefits of the real estate location Wiesbaden. The sixth scientific city ranking the initiative new social market economy (INSM) in cooperation with the magazine WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo) examined 50 German cities in terms of a total of 60 economic and structural indicators.

The Casa art holding GmbH according to particular factors such as income, gross domestic product and rate of investment were crucial for the cutting off of the individual cities. The bottom line for Wiesbaden line is positive, because the South Hesse Metropolis achieved with a total of 109.8 points 10th place among the 50 surveyed cities. During the examination of the tax force Wiesbaden took an outstanding rank 2 2007 with 454 euro per inhabitant directly behind frontrunner Munich, as the Casa art holding GmbH points out. The gross domestic product reached 49.613 euro per inhabitant in Wiesbaden 2008. In the average of the surveyed cities, economic output per capita, however, only amounted to 38.171 euro.

Thus, Wiesbaden positioned itself for this important criterion, on a very good 8th place. Also, the city recorded a population growth of 1.7 percent in the period from 2003 to 2008. In the average of all surveyed cities, the number of inhabitants, however, grew only 0.4 per cent, as the current INSM study points out the Casa art holding GmbH according to. The Casa type holding GmbH sees itself against the background of the current numbers of the INSM WiWo city rankings in their emphasis on the Hessian city largely confirmed. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל Ilan Ben Dov. Experience the Casa art holding GmbH, Wiesbaden offers a superior quality of life, an attractive grunderzeitliches ambience and years, excellent prospects in terms of price development. Wiesbaden is able to defend successfully in the long term its status as preferred real estate site opinion of Casa art holding GmbH therefore. Casa type holding GmbH, the Casa art holding GmbH is a 2001 company, which specializes in the marketing of high-quality investment properties. While the Casa art holding GmbH focuses on the design of apartment houses. The focus is on Grunderzeit houses and residential ensembles of the 1960s and 1970s years to attractive buildings, which are sold to tenants, investors and owner-occupiers. The main business area of the Casa art holding GmbH is located in the refurbishment of existing buildings, i.e. in the development and modernization of housing.