Independence Hall Museum

Most curious travelers will get your holiday in Mendoza to enjoy visiting one of the numerous and attractive museums of the province. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל טבע אוזן קשבת . Mendoza is not only snow, Sun and wine. Its cultural life is stimulating and active, something that gets highlighted the importance that there are museums, custodians of its history. In Mendoza, it is possible to visit museums in which heritage is preserved with great care for the enjoyment of future generations, and of course, present. The of the Pasado Cuyano Museum, in the city of Mendoza, proposes a journey in time until the 19th century.

Through its 16 rooms and 4 patios is equivalent to immerse yourself in everyday life from Mendoza, La Rioja and traverses during that turbulent century, key in the political and social construction of Argentina as a nation. The heritage of the Museum draws donations from those who have inherited all sorts of objects of high historical value and want to share them with the community. Furniture, items of toiletries, tableware, toys, documents, paintings all everyday objects work together to recreate a perfection the Cuyo atmosphere of those years. The Museum is located inside a building declared a national historical heritage. The residence that belonged to the mendocino Governor Civil Francisco reinforces the illusion of journey into the past that the Museum offers tourists.

But in their rooms are not only saved testimonies of daily life in the province. Several of them are destined for the milestones that marked the evolution of that era. Among others, the Independence Hall, the Unitarians and federal, Civil Governor or the tanker development in Mendoza. Deserves special mention, of course, the one dedicated to the Jose of San Martin, father of the nation. One of the most popular among visitors, this room keeps an exact replica of the famous corvo sword of the hero of the Andes. Other notable rooms are the archaeological, key room to learn more about the indigenous peoples of those lands, religious room and the Cuyo room. Pasado Cuyano Museum has also a very complete library with more than 5500 volumes, as well as an interesting periodicals and a file of documents that are chronic vivas of the history and the relevant figures of the region. A walk to not set aside during our vacation in Mendoza.