Artificial Turf As An Alternative

Many times, to imagine a spectacular Garden, we can not keep in mind a nice meadow of grass. It is not uncommon that the idea be truncated when we are first-time in gardening, since this type of plantations requires much work and effort, as well as high doses of patience. Not to mention the economic expense of maintenance and water. Therefore, increasingly more people prefer is the option of artificial turf, a comfortable and inexpensive alternative which, moreover, surprised by its beauty and similarity with natural varieties. The drought that is suffering from months ago Spain, moreover, makes this option ideal for places where rainfall are few. Its minimal maintenance and water scarcity (including regulations that restrict private irrigation in some areas) are being increasingly imposing installation of artificial turf in roundabouts, public swimming pools and private gardens. Industrial research has managed to obtain materials that provide a look and smoothness very similar to natural grass, but without the disadvantages posed by their care and expenses.

Therefore, it is an increasingly common choice. The installation of artificial turf is very simple and quick. They are usually same makers sell us the material which can be placed in your garden. The location can be on land that drain properly, as well as concrete, terrazzo or any smooth surface that has fall or drainage. The process is as follows: install rolls side to others and join below with a mesh geotextile and tail, always with the fall of the hair in the same direction.

Once trimmed borders and parterres that contention, spread 20 kilos of silica per each 10 m and combed thoroughly with brush Sweeper in opposite direction to the hair, to straighten them. Silica prevents tipover lawn and offers freshness to the environment if we irrigate it equal to a natural prairie. It can be placed on Earth, concrete or terrazzo.Perfect imitation of natural grass (aspect, touch, color).Zero maintenance: mowings, fertilizers or irrigation.Climatic resistance: green throughout the year. Without weed.Clean and nice finish for users.Economic: saving in maintenance and water consumption.Durability. Original author and source of the article