E-business – to date one of the most common ways of earning a remote. In the web is full of all sorts of advice and "exchange" to create your own Internet business. Enthusiasm, "Discovery", details, secrets, enticing offers … But few openly admits that it's not that simple and easy. As in any other sphere of activity in e-business has its "pros" and their "no".

And success your project will depend on a variety of criteria. And that he would bring a tangible return, and take more time and effort. In the web, just like in real life, the laws operate: tough competition, the dominance of advertising law supply and demand, natural selection and constant development. But if it is so difficult, why bother doing it? Yes, because everyone wants to finally feel independent, confident, a real master their fate. Who does not wants, let him cast a stone at me. And wanting to create their own web site will be more and more, in spite of any difficulties. Therefore, it is better to explain frankly and openly. So, the web has Two main groups of projects – infotainment and commercial.

The first group of sites (art, discussion, news, author) does not aim for profit, but they still get it (About $ 2-3 thousand per month). At what expense? This is advertising on the resource, participate in affiliate programs, selling some goods or services. Commercial sites are also fully focused on generating revenue. All of these sites, shops almost indistinguishable from real stores, and income can be calculated as ten or a hundred thousand dollars. בעיתון כתוב ש טבע הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. Moreover, the cost of their creation and maintenance are much lower than the real outlet. The above figures are, of course, to the untwisted, staid online store.