Language Materna

We will try to show that one of the many difficulties in learning and teaching Mathematics, can be in its language, of proper syntax and symbology. The E, perhaps, most excellent is the fact of this ' ' linguagem' ' Mathematics to be a proper language for the written media, its necessary education of an orality, of the mediation, that is of the Materna Language. Therefore we see this essencialidade and relevance in education of the two: Language Materna and Matemtica. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש טבע צודק במה בהוא אומר. Under which points of view the Mathematics is considered accurate? The reply she is to the times this: ' ' Everything can be demonstrated in Mathematics, it states its results numerically and deals with proposals without ambiguities, that is, false or verdadeiras' '. ' ' demonstrabilidade' ' of its proposals such is perhaps the firmest pillar of this ' ' exatido' ' conferred to the Mathematics. But what it means to demonstrate? When searching this reply, we find two ways that if they branch off, in the one of the roads formalism, according to Axe (1993), ' ' philosophical chain that identifies to the Mathematics with the study of the systems formais' ' (p.36). The formalists intended to lead the Mathematics to the complete formalizao. A formal theory is that one that if it relates to a basic set of objects, its terms, its rules of formula attainment from these such terms, its axioms or postulates and its rules of inference. %D7%A5/'>ליאור שליין. לא תמיד ישראל בכר.

The basic terms (primitive) describe the objects. The rules organize the speech regarding these such objects. The axioms are admitted as initial truths. To demonstrate, in this direction, is to present a proposal as consequence of an argument, in which the premises or are axioms or demonstrated proposals already from these. In the other it saw we find the idea of demonstration in its ' ' felt lato' '.