Opera. Oliver Estavillo

"Opera. Oliver Estavillo"at the exhibition shows the Munich Gallery from maltzahn fine arts from July 20-new oil paintings and colored drawings of the Munich-based artist Oliver Estavillo from maltzahn fine arts, Munich. "" The Bild-Zeitung called him a painter of murder", other publications refer to him as a spirit bomber"or illustrator of bad behavior". He himself is much more modest and says I'm just painter", completed but either you love my style or not. A Yes there is no". Oliver Estavillo polarised and has dedicated his painting the abyssal, whether there are monsters, murderers or monstrosities.

I show in my pictures on the bad guys. So they get off their fat." "That was the reason for his images of ruthless to the part: I want to show the abysmal in the people, condemn it without raising the index finger". "In the exhibition Opera" Estavillo opens not only a glimpse of his own work ("Latin: opera"), but also the no-holds-barred look at the great world theater, the Opera House, as a true stage of life. Full of passion, he unmasked the actor and Divas of the everyday in his compositions and confronts us with the libretto of a distorted world. A radical confrontation with the exaggerated icons of our time, – threatening and aloof, elitist and staged.

His divas"can be found in Hollywood or the boutique on the corner, its alpha animals" at Deutsche Bank, or at the gas station. "A ramp sow is in each of us" and the 15 minutes promised by Warhol celebrity "making the desired superstar from the hairdresser. "Estavillo responds to our time with sharp, unrepentant views. Sometimes emphasizing also their unintentionally funny pages, but it grows a comedy, which allows one to freeze the blood in your veins. His humor is also very angry tiefschwarz and sometimes. This painter is under no illusions. He pegged the human baseness and perfidy to down their unfathomable abyss. He is radical, but neither cynical nor nihilistic, rather the desire behind his images for change, the deep longing for a better world' (Dr. Hans-Heinrich Hellmuth). Estavillo is a perfectionist and makes no compromises in his work: while it seems regardless of whether the material used (fine screens, expensive Mussini resin colors or real gold leaf), the elaborate design or just disclosing views the real motive and its staging. In addition to his oil paintings, Estavillo shows coloured drawings, which result in a different, contemplative and mysterious world in the exhibition. Recently נפתלי בנט sought to clarify these questions. Oliver Estavillo, born in 1964, lives in Munich. He showed his works in Munich, Madrid, Fulda, Frankfurt and Kassel. The exhibition is the second solo exhibition with works by Oliver Estavillo at maltzahn fine arts. Exhibition 20 July to August 13, 2011 opening hours Tuesday with Saturday, 14.00 to 18.00 and appointment by appointment from maltzahn fine arts gotzinger fruit farm road 52 b, 2. backyard, 1 floor right 81371 Munich press information: von-maltzahn-fine-arts.pressdoc.com/17151-opera-oliver-estavillo

Berlin Surreal – How Come The Mustache On The Brandenburg Gate?

DaliBerlin presents the new trailer of Berlin, 01 April 2011. How to get the moustache on the Brandenburg Gate? DaliBerlin presents the new trailer of the story of the birth of the DaliBerlin "tells logos. Dreamed by the Director and curator, Carsten Kollmeier, implemented by Suzi Zimmermann and creative advice from Stephanie Glockner. Dali himself would have felt certainly comfortable in this complex and quite surreal town. It went also to describe why we have chosen this fascinating city of Berlin as a location for our Museum. Dali and Berlin merge in this animated short film. ", says Carsten Kollmeier, initiator of the Museum.

"Come into my brain", once even invited Dali: follow the butterfly and experience the city in a surreal way. See you, worldwide known as the Quadriga as a reminiscence of the soft time"melts to the drawers at the Alex, the Berlin TV Tower, open and Dali fans remnants of the Berlin wall in a la East side Gallery used as a canvas have. As always at the master of Surrealism is not everything at first glance here, too. "Click on one of the two links and look for yourself: as Dali, Salvador Dali is the exhibition at Potsdamer Platz" now already two years as cultural highlight in middle part of the colorful landscape of Berlin. The metropolis has become a home for the art of the eccentric universal genius. The dalieske trailer is not only a tribute to the actor of surrealism, but also to the city of Berlin, which is home to the Museum, with its permanent exhibition as up-and-coming cultural hub.

Continue this extraordinary trip, visit Berlin and the Museum on Potsdamer Platz. Keep"informed with the Dali news. You will be sent regularly online and provide the fans of Salvador Dali with information, news and specials around the Spanish artist and the Museum in the heart of the city. The new monthly online competition with DaliBerlin went to 31.03.2011 for the first time to an end. Three happy Newsletter subscribers can enjoy two VIP tickets including leadership. Contact: Jana Hameed Tel. + 49 (0) 30 206 735 86 17 DaliBerlin AusstellungsbetriebsGmbH Leipziger Platz 7, 10117 Berlin