This piece has adesigned cars rear spoiler can completely replace the wing. In addition to creating more downforce This element is used for better air flow, falls from the roof of the car. Sometimes so it is also possible to reduce the dirt back glass, but is usually used for these purposes various deflectors that direct the flow to the desired area of the body. It has already been said about the wheel wells. לעניות דעתי טבע יכול לקבוע .

So, do niches, arches, framing them, wheels and discs together are important in terms of aerodynamics on our scale of up to 20%. It affected everything from the width of the wheels to drive design, the size of the wheel arches to fit the niche. Sides car take on only about 10% of the liability. In principle, it is better not to touch or try not to make too much change in the general contour of cheeks. Such elements obveski as overlays on side windows, door handles and the doors themselves, little effect on air resistance do not have, but often not justify his appointment. The most "irresponsible" in terms of impact on the aerodynamics of the car is an element of the rear bumper. Here you can izgalyatsya as you like. The only thing he can influence, because it's the side.

There is Another interesting elementthe lining on the hood. And if we talk about just decorative, they are more likely worsen the resistance, rather than vice versa. I want to mention the functional linings when the hood is cut. If a developer this element knows where in the hood creates a low pressure zone, then, cut a hole in the ground and installing a special pad can be reduced by several percent termonagruzhennost, increase the air flow through the radiator to improve airflow and engine even reduce lift. But finding such a place is through special studies. Separately, it must be said about the "fly swatter" and deflectors. On the first generally say nothing. Their functions, they do not perform, and the hood can ruin not only aesthetically, but also realistic. According to many experts, this is absolutely stupid item.